Saturday, November 7, 2009

SMS impersonated!

No doubt, Short Messaging Service or SMS is important part of our everyday life routine.
We send SMS being on meeting or wherever no call is possible.
We use SMS to pay for services like parking or stock reports.

We SMS feelings because messages are simply so romantic...

But only a few know about tricky feature of SMS - sender impersonation. It means You can set who the message appears to come from.

Like an e-mail, SMS has its own "From" field which is called Sender ID. Sender ID is what You see on the top when reading an SMS and Yes! - it can be changed to any text or even number!

This option is called sender impersonation, spoofing, fake Sender ID etc. I won't go deep-in-details, better see how SMS spoofing works:

Your friend - Max
His number is +42999877888

Max' girlfriend - Kate

Her number is +42345452334
In Max' phone Kate is saved as "Angel"

Send SMS from Kate's number to Max:

And that is how the SMS-message will look like:

It shows Angel in the title of SMS because
that is how Kate is recorded in Max' phonebook.

By the way Max can even reply to impersonated SMS.
(Of course Kate will get an answer, not you :)

Nice trick to do with Your friends, family or colleagues, isnt it!

There are few services offering SMS impersonation. One of the cheapest and easy-to-use - - worldwide delivery, SMS tracking, no registration needed!
Bonusly, a collection of romantic texts, quotes and SMS jokes is also available on their website.

SMS spoofing is supported by mobile operators worldwide excepting USA, Canada and some countries in Asia. Full list of supported countries is available here.

From legal point of view, SMS impersonation is allowed in most countries. Take care Your messages don't harm other people and You won't get in trouble.

Have fun!

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